Pinewood House

Status: ongoing
Appointment: 2016
Completion: ongoing
Services: architecture, interior design, construction
Location: tbilisi
Area: 250 m²

The initial idea of residential project was born from a passion for the great open spaces and natural beauty of the Pinewood forest in Tskneti region, Tbilisi, Georgia in 2017.

With respect for the environment and the desire to harmonize with nature, the architects conceived modern, luxury home that blend seamlessly into the landscape. We developed a concept that corresponds with our vision of the modern home.  The entire planning of the house was designed around tree location on site.

The ground floor is structured via a split-level division and divided into two areas of use: the living-cooking/dining area and the bathroom/guest bedroom area. The resident reaches the upper floor via a staircase with an unexpected view of the pine forest. One of the most remarkable feature of the location is pine forest strong presence from the entire living space.

The orientation of the house, in conjunction with its large windows, maximizes the amount of sunshine for optimal energy efficiency as well as affords breathtaking views of the surrounding site.

The simple, minimalist design of the house is in direct contrast with the surrounding wilderness and enhances the beauty of the physical landscape.

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