Green Facade for Radisson Collection Tsinandali - Innovative structure

Spectrum performed Green Façade construction works for Radisson Collection Tsinandali. This made the hotel building the first Façade in Georgia fully covered in greenery

The green façade is the most striking element of the building it contributes to bringing nature into resort's landscape. When guests approach Radisson Collection Tsinandali, they may feel like diving into a nature through the green facade. Different species used on the façade contribute to biodiversity and a cleaner environment.

Volume of the building is covered by metal construction, on which the composition of planted elements is fixed. The green facade allows Radisson Hotel to absorb tons of CO2, scrubbing the air for healthier living conditions for both visitors of the hotel and the wider city. It reduces energy consumption: protects the building from harsh sunlight offering solutions for the serious urban problems.